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Generate X509 Certificate

This tool generates an X509 certificate using a certificate signing request (CSR). The CSR file can be DER or PEM encoded. The subject DN and/or requested extensions in the CSR file may be used or new ones can be defined. The certificate can be self-signed or signed by another. A certificate chain can be created by generating a self-signed root CA certificate, generating any intermediate CA certificates which are signed by the root, and then generating end-entity certificates signed by the intermediate CA.

Select CSR file:

Subject DN:

Type Value


Standard Extensions

Name Critical Value

Custom Extensions

OID Critical ASN.1 DER Encoded Data
* only decimals and numeric values allowed
* only decimals and numeric values allowed

Validity Dates:

Dates should be entered in Greenwitch Mean Time (GMT). The time will be set to 12 am of the day selected. If needed, an example of a GMT converter can be found here.


Warning: private keys uploaded to this tool for digital signature encryption should ONLY be used for test and development purposes.

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